My 6 week old pup started foaming at the mouth, shaking and wobbling around crying and barking what could it be?


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Could be lots of things or more than one thing going on and you should consult your vet. It could be a neurological or other problem leading to seizures, hypoglycemic episode on it's own (can lead to seizure) or due to some underlying issue like a liver shunt, or possibly the parasites are a factor, or many other things.
If you get a chance and she has another episode before you get into the vet you might try to see if you can get it on a cell phone or something. It can be a big help with diagnosis and help them get a much better idea if the pup is having seizures which the description sounds like it is a possibility.
Did it happen after the deworming or she has just started going further downhill and maybe seeming actually sick since then? Did you get the med from the vet or is it the same type they use or was it something you ran out to the store and picked up? If not, toxicity or another problem may be a possibility as well or a part of her problem if the episodes were happening before. You dewormed the entire litter and the Dam and everyone else is okay and you gave all the pups about the same dosage? It may be a good idea to take the package to the vet with you as well in case it has anything to do with it.
Most OTC type de-wormers aren't recommended or intended for puppies of that age and really much at all and not without veterinary supervision even when older as they frequently result in emergency situations because of things like off label usage, over dose and they just aren't the same thing.
Could there be a possibility of a blockage? Whatever may be going on she should be checked out soon. The only person that could begin to figure out what may be going on is your vet and they should have a better idea after an exam and being able to discuss everything with you and get all the needed details and time frames. Please let us know how she's doing. I hope she's okay. Good Luck.
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You need to take your puppy to a vet, this sounds like some kind of seizure.
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She only does it now n again, the other pups are ok just her she had bad worms so i treated her n now she has started acting strange as i said in the question she is eating n drinking fine but is constipated

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