My Pregnant Dog Is 62 Days Pregnant And Is Being Sick And Shivering What's Wrong With Her?


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David Mathley answered
She is in labor. They usually have thier puppy's at the 63 day mark after breeding.
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KR- myopinions answered
Okay, she's 62, gestation is an average of 59 to 63 though can go a little sooner (like 57) or later (70 and call your vet to discuss and set up a plan).. What's her temp.? You know when they're in labor when the temperature drops (98, sometimes they only hit 99). That part is important as that stage should not last more than 24 hours though is usually much less.  Did your x-ray or ultrasound show she might be in trouble during labor? Most likely she's either going into labor, or she's IN labor and heading for trouble. Did her water break yet or has she lost her mucus plug? Probably heading into first stage. She should be examined within 24 hours after delivery to (unless it ends up c-section or happening at the vet) to be sure everything went the way it should and that there isn't anything retained to cause infection (often an oxytosin injection and some mild anti-biotics are needed). Good Luck!

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