Is it normal for my dog to constantly lick and chew her new born puppies umbilical cord hours after they are born?


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If you let her do the umbilical cords then you would check them just after whelp and make sure they look good or do anything that you might need to and she should not be messing with them after that.
If she is messing with them then your pups are more likely to need treatment for infection, they are more likely to end up with umbilical hernia's or worse, you may lose someone when their insides end up on their outside. You have to supervise and watch them closely.
Talk to your vet about it when you take your girl in for her post whelp and then they can take a look in a few days when the pups go for their first check up and dew claw removal/tail docking if that's done. Good Luck.
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