My Dog Has Licked A Hole In Her Puppies Stomach What Should I Do?


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Do you mean where the umbilical cord was? Firstly if its a big hole yes you should seek vet advice. But we had a dog like this once or rather a puppy.

We thought that the puppy was a bitch, but it was a dog and the penis was beneath the stomach skin. The pup's mother knew this and continually licked the spot to unsheath the penis, no no avail, all she could manage was a small hole which was enough for the puppy to pee from, although much of the urine collected beneath the skin.
We had to take the puppy to the vet whereupon the puppy had an operation to unsheath the penis, but the penis was then naturally circumsised being that it had no proper sheath' We had to sell the puppy for less money due to this as it didn't look very nice with its penis hanging out permanently.

Had the bitch not have been found to be licking the puppy's stomach though we would never have known it was a dog puppy. It really looked like a bitch, so she did it a favour in the long run, for it could have died.

All the same take the puppy to the vet, it may be that the bitch is just an over zealous mum.
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Clean the wound and cover it and take your dog to the vet. You might need to bring in both dogs.
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I took the 3 day old puppy to the vet, the put 3 stiches on his tummy and advised to keep him away from his mommy for at least a week. So will need to have him feed from her every couple of hours.....Thanks for the feedback.
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Oh my goodness, get the puppy away from its mother and get it to a vet asap
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Make her stop licking,shes just still smelling the after birth and trying to get it off,try wipen the pups off with a wet towell no soapthe pup will more than likely die
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You should bring the puppy right over to the vet before what's in the stomach leaks out !

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