My New Born Kitten Isn't Moving. Is This Normal?


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Usually the mother will lick a newborn kitten to clean it and the roughness of her tongue helps stimulate breathing. If the mother is ignoring a newborn kitten- take a clean dry towel and rub the kitten dry- checking its mouth to see that the airway is free from fluid and any membranes (which look like thin plastic bag over the face) You can be quite vigorous with the rubbing and often that will start the kitten breathing and wriggling and then the mum will take over.
It is possible that the  newborn kitten you described was still born. I do hope it survived and that she has had the rest of the litter safely- do let us know. Good luck
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My cat just had birth to a kitten about 10mins ago however the kitten has failed to move and the cat seems to think its dead and is ignoring it....what should i do?

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