Hi My Dogs Temperature Has Dropped To 97.8 And She Is Hiding Her Food Plus Eating It. The Vet Said She Is Fine But Im Wondering If Anyone Has Had A Bitch Whelp Without Going Off Her Food And If So How Long Till These Babies Show A Appearance Thanks X?


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They don't all go off their food a few may actually go the other way (often with more vomiting). She's staying steady with the low temp. Or has she been bouncing around in that respect? Once she stays steady labor should progress within 24 hours or time to evaluate again and maybe see if oxytocin can help get things back on the right track.
She's within normal gestation period? Recent visual looked like there weren't going to be problems based on the pups themselves? What breed and how many pups are there?This is her first litter? The temperature drop and labor not progressing into the next stage within 24 hours of that can indicate a problem when things just stop or go into limbo like that. They usually go within 2 to 12 of the actual drop but can be longer. You may even have pups by now. :-) Good Luck!
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Thankyou for your answer she has been between 97.8-98.6 since monday, i took her for her check on monday the vet said she is doing great, we had her scanned on day 33 after breeding and was told there was 3, but the vet felt number 4 on monday she is a 6lb chihuahua and was bred with a 3lb chihuahua the vet told me he saw no reason why she could not give birth naturally. All pups felt ok as far as he could tell and he said it wont be long. Her due date was yesterday thankyou x
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Puppies yet? I usually do an ultrasound around then as my confirmation to be sure there are pups and not pyometra or anything and there is often one smaller 'hider' at that point. LOL. I don't usually need to do one just before labor to evaluate for difficulty since we do a c-section so once the temp. Drops we just call and see when it is most convenient to head in for surgery. :-)

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