Why Does My Dog Have Bump On Her Eyelid?


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It is likely that the bump on your dog's eye is nothing more than a stye or a skin tag. If this is the case then it is not a matter of immediate concern and you should not become too worried about it. However if the bump is growing in size or causing obvious discomfort or pain to your dog, then it would be sensible to take your dog to the vet to find out what the problem is. Otherwise you can simply wait until the next time you have a routine appointment with your vet and point out the bump to them then.

What you decide to do is obviously dependent on the size of the bump. If it is small and fairly insignificant, then you can keep an eye on it over the next few days and weeks to check whether it has changed at all. Hopefully it will simply disappear with time. However if it shows signs of becoming more red or growing in size then you might want to pay more attention to the problem.

There are a few possibilities as to what the bump on the eyelid is. These include:

- Chalazion - a cyst caused by inflammation
- Papilloma - a benign tumor
- Stye - a small red bump caused by infection of the sebaceous glands

There is plenty of information readily available on the internet if you want to do any further research into any of these conditions.

www.gopetsamerica.com/dog-health/eye-problems.aspx is a good starting point.
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To me this sounds like a clogged duct.  Sometimes dirt can become logged in the oil duct which lubricates tears.  An easy way to resolve this is by applying warm (as hot as you can stand) compresses to the eye.  If the bump does not go down, you must take your dog to the vet, it may need an antibacterial ointment to apply inside the eyelid along with the compresses.  If the clog is severe, it may need to be cut open by the vet and drained (This is very rare though).  This is just a suggestion, it could be any number of things including an insect bite, but I would advise calling your vet, and applying warm compresses to the eye to start.  Hope this was helpful!
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My 11 yr old Black Lab has a little bump on her eyelid too. She's had it for years. I asked the vet about it, they said it's a harmless skin tag and that it's okay to just leave it there as long as it doesn't get too big or cause her any irritation. Next time you have a scheduled visit to the vet for yearly shots just ask the vet to take a look at it. It's more than likely nothing at all to worry about.
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En.allexperts.com/q/Alternative-Medicine-Pets-3721/Sty-dog-eyelid.htm  try this site  I don't know if this is what your dog has since I'm not a vet. But it sounds like it. Take your dog to a vet.
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Well first, I would check with someone that knows a lot about that stuff, then let them do it
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There are two possibilities of this lump inside your dog's eye. These are
  • Cherry eye: The tear gland or lymphatic gland in the 3rd eyelid protrude over the 3rd eyelid forming a condition called cherry eye.
  • Eversion: If the cartilage of the 3rd eyelid become mis formed and cause irritation.
According to vet health, if the color of dog's eye become gray, blue or cloudy then visit to vet is necessary. So visit to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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