How Long Does A Body Need To Be Dead Before It Would Set Off A Cadaveor Dog?


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OK now you have to understand that the information that is inserted here is fact and from personal experience, I was a navy seal for 20 years, which included 5 wars. Viet-nam,panama,beruit,gernada,and desert storm, and now I am a bail enforcement agent, and work with FBI,Marshals, SWAT teams, when the dogs are brought in to search for a cadaveor that is or isn't buried. What people don't realize is that the dog in question has a pouch around their collar that has the scent of a dead person, so the dog is smelling this all the time, then when the dog is taken to the area where the body is aledged to be just before the dog is released the pouch is removed and the dog is then told to "seek".   Now the dog is trying to find that scent that it had around his collar, and as sensitive as dogs noses are they will pick up the cadavers scent 9 out of 99.9 times.  It's the same thing with drug sniffing dogs,the pouch the scent the removal of pouch and dog picks up scent and your BUSTED. When the body in question starts to decompose, in about 3 to 5 minutes, depending on temperature, cause of death, if the body has any open wounds where airborn pathogens can infiltrate the tissues, internal organs, due to exposure.

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