Why Does My Dog Keep On Licking Her Nose?


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Your dog is probably licking its nose because it needs water or if your dog has just drank water she/he is licking the water of its nose. It probably also licking its nose because its bleeding, bruised or other physical attachments, examine its nose if for the best, if something is still wrong call a vet for a check up.
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thanks, I had just seen my dog licking her nose compulsively out of no where. Per your suggestion I checked her water bowl once again and it was almost gone. For the 3rd time today she needed more and fresh water. Dang winter and forced air makes her have a dry mouth sometimes too and drink lots of water today.
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Same to mine, my dog is always licking his -.- you know what. I supposed to just take him more walks then he gets used to not licking his nose or mouth.
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Hello. There are many reasons for this; the dog might be getting food off the nose, the dog is cleaning it, the dog wants to get bugs and insects off it. A dog licking it's nose is normal.
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All dogs lick there nose, dogs lick their nose if they have something on it or something in it that annoy's  them or just to keep it wet

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