I think I got dish soap in my kittens eyes, what can I do, fast?


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You need to rinse your kittens eyes out thoroughly. Be careful of getting too much water in the face though and inhalation. If your kittens eyes seem very irritated or irritated for more than a day  you should visit your vet so they can take a look and give you something to help with the irritation and in case of chemical burn or anything like that.
Next time you are at your pet shop you might look for a bottle of sterile saline rinse in case something like this happens to keep with your styptic powder and other minor first aid stuff. You can't use anything like visine. It's just a sterile saline solution for rinsing that you can get from a place that carries pet supplies that comes in handy for situations like this. Hope your baby is feeling better.
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Rinse the kittens eyes out in short intervals. Do it repeatedly. Make sure you let the kitten breath between the intervals though.

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