Is My Ball Python A Male Or Female?


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I was at the zoo the other day and they brought out a ball, and I asked the same question. She showed me the spurs on the ball and a males spurs are much bigger than a females. I'm mean like they really stick out so guess I have a female.
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I am going to refer you to all you have to do there is type in ball python and it will take you there, what I got though was that you can tell because the male spurs are larger than the female anal spurs on either side of the vent.  Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Sexual differences: The female Ball
Python is larger than the male, and can reach a length of up to 6 feet,
although 4 feet is more common. Ball Pythons have very muscular bodies,
which can be 4-6 inches in diameter; the male is generally more slender
and has a smaller head. Male snakes have larger anal spurs. A sexing
probe can be used to determine the sex of snakes less than 6 months of
age, but it should only be done by someone proficient in its use. Young
Ball Pythons grow about one foot in length for their first 3 years, and
reach sexual maturity at 3-5 years of age.hope that helped you out a little
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 Well there is two ways you can tell if you have a male or female.. Now one way is but not 100 percent is the spurs, most of the time the male has bigger ones them the female but not all the time. The best way to tell is to get the snake probed. That is the only sure way of telling what sex you do have.. Now as in size of the snake it self the female is bigger most of the time but that depends on the owner and how its kept and taken care of. I do have two ball pythons myself one male and one female, I had them probed by a vet so I know what I had, now I am breeding them and if every thing gos right I'll be a daddy to some very small ones... I hope this helped you out..
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There are only two sure ways to tell.  One is probing like the one answer you got and the other is popping.  You can attempt to pop the snake your self but wouldn't suggest it.  Depending on where you live there are reptile shows all over america that usually pass around a couple times a year.  If you take the snake with you, you may find someone that can pop or probe the snake without having to pay the expensive cost of a vet.  If you can find a vet that can take care of reptiles
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There is really no way to tell by looking. You can take them to a vet or a herp specialist and have them probed to see what sex they are. I have a female.

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