Why Does My Hamster Always Go In An Other Corner To Sleep Not In Her Bed?


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Hamsters usually choose their own spot in their cage that they like.....she might not find her bed comfy or she might just not like the spot that its in
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If you have put to much bedding in the hamsters bed, it might take it out put it in the corner and sleep in it, or it maybe to hot .
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You have to let a hamster go where it wants... It probably doesn't like the area where its bed is but it feels more comfortable in another corner
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Your hamster might be to warm in its bed. Hamster normally have a favourite corner so let it pick it then put the bedding down
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When you change the bedding try putting your hamster in its cage without the bed. Then watch your hamster for a bit to see where its Fave spot is, try putting the bed there. If the hamster moves away from the bed then, prob means it just doesn't like the bed or at least not sleeping in it. Just move the bed in another spot don't make hamster move again. It knows what it likes. I'm sure that will work take it from me, we have a super cool hamster named butterscotch and he makes his own mind up about things. And I promise I wouldnt tell you anything wrong, I am just 23yr old but a proud mother of five and their ages are 5 4 3 11/2 and 4 months old. NO time for wrong answers!!! Lol have fun with your pet!
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A hamster has it own ways maybe it doesn't fell secure in the bed my hamster would do that I didn't mind it doesn't matter anyways.Bye!e
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I think my hamster loves the bed...no way.Most hamsters don't want a private sleeping area.The way I see it is either your hamster I to hot...or cold in its bed.I hope that helped!!!:D.LOL!

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