How Do I Cut Guinea Pigs Nails?


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Guinea pigs are rodents and despite their name they are not pigs nor do they originate from guinea. These animals are also known as cavies. They are popular as exotic pets. They are very vocal animals. One of the things to be dealt with if you have a guinea pig for a pet is cutting or trimming their nails. They need regular nail clipping. The toughest problem while trying to cut the nails of a guinea pig is holding it still without moving. But it would get easier with time and both you and your pet would get used to the exercise.

There are several positions which would ensure that the guinea pig doesn't move much. For instance sit with the pet on your lap but facing away from you and its rump nestled into your stomach which would prevent it from backing away. The nails of the guinea pig can be cut with the use of a human nail clipper or one that is used for cats and other small animals. These nail clippers look like little scissors with blade end notches for cutting the nail. It should be trimmed at least once a month and more often if one chooses to do so. The nails start curling if they are not cut from time to time and moreover regular trimming also contributes to keeping the nails in good shape.
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You can go to the pet store and get guinea pig nail cutters when you go to do it be very careful you might need one person to hold the guinea pig while you cut the nails
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Also don't cut too close to the pink part inside the nail as it will bleed if your still not too sure take it to the vets and they will show you how.
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Yeah-cut them!
Or else it will HURT them !

- I have a guinea pig -

MAYBELLiNE!!!! <333

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