I Have Bought A Gorgeous Staffy Bitch How Can You Tell She Is A Pure Staffy She Is Only 9 Month Old? She Has Just Had Her 1st Sason How Long Till The Next 1 And What The Best Time To Let Her Have A Litter Before Sterilising Her


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Obviously you are thinking of having your bitch neutered. This is a really responsible step to take as there are millions of unwanted dogs in the world and so you will not be adding to it. But I am wondering why you are thinking of letting her have a litter first before you have her neutered?  This is not necessary ,don,t just take my word for it, just ask your vet. Letting her have a litter first is, with respect, irresponsible. Would you have 6 or whatever loving homes awaiting and would they all get neutered. I don,t think so.  Please do not let her have a litter and please book her in now to be spayed. It is an ideal time now ,following her first season. She will be a much happier dog because of it and that one operation lasts all her life, one payment which over the years works out pretty cheap. No threat of the common uterine disease of unspayed bitches.
   Regarding being pure, have you no pedigree papers for her?   If you really cannot tell ,then she must appear all staffy!    In any case does it matter?   Love her for what she is, love her enough to have her neutered and a more content bitch. Please let me know how you go on with her. Thank you. Cheers.

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