Is A Swollen Vulva Ina A Pregnant Dog Normal?


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Yes, very normal, we breed Chi's and our bitches vulva stays swelled when she has caught pregnant and seems to lick herself more often than when she is not pregnant.

We have found this is one of the best indicators she has fallen pregnant, there is increased blood flow in these areas in pregnancy.

The vulva swells in heat as usual, is she is not mated the vulva reduces to its normal size after heat however if she is mated and catches pregnant we have noticed the vulva stays swelled, although admittedly not as swelled as when in full heat.

You may even see a discharge which we have noticed can be anything from clear to a yellowish colour. She goes off her food, sleeps a lot even in early pregnancy and a real tell too is that she cannot hold her bladder over night even in early pregnancy so we make provisions for this. You may notice the abdomen swelling under the rib cage form about 5 weeks into the pregnancy. Nipples don't tend to change until the last weeks of pregnancy.

She becomes very affectionate during pregnancy especially towards my husband and is more protective of the house, barks more at things etc.

She can and does on occasions suffer from morning sickness!

Hope this helps!
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Vulva means external genital organ of the females. Swelling of vulva in dogs is first sign of heat cycle followed by vaginal bleeding. Swelling of vulva and vaginal bleeding occur during first stage of the canine heat cycle and can last for 7-10 days. After this stage, mating is possible usually on 12-15 days of heat cycle which can be of 3 weeks.
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The vulva swells at the later stages of pregnancy and when a dog goes into heat cycle. As dogs age, have multiple heats cycles and/or multiple litters the vulva may become larger and will not regress to the size at puberty.
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How many days in? Have you done your ultrasound or x-ray's yet? You begin taking temperature the appropriate number of days in and when it drops to around 98 she's beginning labor and puppies should arrive within 24 hours though usually sooner. Gestation is usually 59 to 63 days from first tie though can be a little sooner (like 57) or later (70 and you should call your vet to discuss a plan). Good luck.
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The vulva in dogs is the same as in humans and other species in that it is all the external genital organs of the female that show.

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