Is It Normal For A Spayed Dog To Still Have A Bloody Discharge Once In A While?


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Blood in urine after spay surgery is not effect of surgery. Sometimes, Urethra or urinary bladder can be slightly damage during surgery. This condition can cause blood in urine of the dogs after spaying. Your dog should be examined by the vet for this reason.

Other reasons of blood in urine of the dogs are

  1.    Infection of bladder and  kidneys
  2.    Vaginitis
  3.    Stones in urinary tract
  4.    Infection of uterus
  5.    Trauma
  6.    Parasites in urinary tract
  7.    Cancer in genital and urinary tract
So, discus your dog's problem with vet by taking your dog to him.
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This is probably over and done with but this JUST happened to my dog. She was spayed on a Tuesday. She seemed to be fully recovered by that Wednesday evening (just a little more sleepy). On that Thursday I noticed some blood in her urine. Sometimes it seemed to be just blood that came out! I took her to the vet that day and he said it is most likely bladder or urinary tract infection (he said that as a result of her surgery her bladder had shrunk quite a bit). He said there was a very small chance it could be something else but because of her high energy it was unlikely. He put her on two different antibiotics though to make sure to get rid of any possible bacteria. I would take her to the vet to be on the safe side!
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The reason of the bleeding in spayed dog are bladder or urethral infection or stones in the bladder. There are also chances that some lining tissue of the vagina swell and bleed as response to hormones. Anyhow, it will be good to see a vet for the treatment of any infection.

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