Can fleas kill newborn puppies?


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Christine NZ answered
Sadly yes. A heavy infestation of fleas can.  Fleas feed on the puppies blood and can quickly make a young puppy anaemic.  Anaemia can be fatal. Consult a vet for correct treatment.
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Yes they can by biting them up all over thats why the mom is suppose to be clean.
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KR- myopinions answered
Yes, they could. If your newborns have fleas you need to consult your veterinarian on the safest way to treat the Dam and the pups (what you can use safely is very limited) so things don't become serious. Anemia would be a big concern. You should also be sure to get a dewormer effective on tapeworms from the vet once the pups are old enough to safely handle that. Good Luck.

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