Can Hairspray Kill Fleas On Dogs?


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I don’t know, but you totally shouldn’t put your dog through that!

Hairspray is full of chemicals and it makes your hair stick together – your poor dog would have crunchy fur, and if he tried licking himself, he could ingest some of the hairspray. It could be poisonous, and you don’t want your dog to get sick!

I doubt hairspray would be very effective at getting rid of fleas anyway. You’d have to cover your entire dog in the stuff, and that’s likely to be dangerous. You couldn’t just spray a little bit on his back, because the fleas would only move elsewhere on his body.

If your dog has a serious flea problem, you need to buy a product specially designed for flea removal – we usually use Frontline drops on our puppy, but you can also get flea treatment in spray form.

You’ll also need to de-flea your house – there’s no point in getting rid of your dog’s fleas if he’s going to pick them up again within seconds!

Good luck – and please don’t hairspray your dog!
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No - hairspray mats hair or, in this case, fur  - which would make it warmer and the fleas' eggs may hatch faster.

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