Why my japanese spitz has a pinkish nose instead of black?


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Is it always like that or is it something that seems to be happening as winter comes on more? Does it come and go or it's the whole nose all the time? Some dogs noses will lose more pigment and turn a bit pink/brown, or get a pinkish/brownish stripe more in the winter, leading it to sometimes be referred to 'winter' or 'snow' nose. Some do so with things like plastic bowls as well and can be a sign of allergy to the plastic. 
A  flesh or pink toned nose would be pretty common in a lighter colored dog.They are not currently an AKC recognized breed and I didn't find them in the foundation stock listing or the misc. Class listings so there would probably be some steps left before they become AKC recognized if they are heading that way.
The UKC (and FCI) standard does call for a black nose (on a pure white coated dog) but isn't listed in the disqualifications. Basically while a black nose is preferred and ideal it doesn't mean some won't have noses that aren't black. 
If you look at similarly light colored dogs, such as the American Eskimo or the Maltese you will see that not all have black noses either, or even on something like a yellow lab since they have been mentioned.
In some, it may set them as pet quality instead of show/breeding quality, in others it is not ideal or preferred and may be a fault but not usually anything to worry about, just coloration and pigment. Nose color is often associated with the coat color as that's generally the way the genetics tend to work.
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Usually some dogs as they grow older their nose colour changes. . .

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