How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas On Newborn Puppies?


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Give the puppies a distilled vinegar water bath (1-2 cups vinegar in shallow bath water). Then treat the house and yard for fleas. I like to use 7-dust powder in the house dusting baseboards, under furniture, in seat cushions, and up the vacuum because this is where the fleas breed. I also like 7-dust granules for the yard. There are other brands besides 7-dust brand, but that's the brand that sticks in my head the most... You can find it in the lawn and garden section of most stores.
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Dawn dish washing will do the job that's what the vet told me to use on mine just bath them in it wont get rid of them all but most of them can't put a flea med on them until they are about 7 weeks old
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If the house still has fleas then they will get them. Just because your house did not have fleas doesn't mean you are flea free now. You need to not only pick the fleas but was everything around as well. Flease are fast moving and like to hang out in blankets, furniture and carpets. I highly recommend bombing your house, also Adams flea and tick spray is the best on the market! There are flea killing furniture sprays and carpet cleaners to. Wash everything in hot water.
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Momma is allergic to alot of flea products on the market .and due to the nursing of puppies you can not put chemicals on house has wooden floors and there blankets get washed every other day. But i do thank everybody for there info .especially if it works

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I hope you find a solution because the pups could die from flea anemia. Maybe you could give a Vet a call.

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