My Bulldog Is Menstruating, I Think. She Is Extremely Swollen Down This Normal? One Of Her Eyes Is Swollen, I Think It's A Reaction To Her Menstruation..? Can I Take Her To The Vet With Her Period?


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My friend's bulldog is menstruating,
they have not yet taken her to the vet but they have made and appointment,
the vet said that they should put blankets down on couches to avoid staining.
The veterinarian has said it is normal when menstruating for them to be swollen, you can take her to the vet just be extremely careful.

If this advice did not help I am extremely sorry.
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Yes, you can take your dog to the veterinarian when she is menstruating or in heat.  It is normal for the vulva to swell when dogs are in heat and during the time immediately following heat.  It is not normal for dogs to have ocular swelling when they are in heat.  I would have her eye examined by your veterinarian.  During the examination you can ask your vet any questions you have about her heat cycle.

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