How Big Will My Pitbull German Shepard And Lab Mix Get?


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Well at 6 months my pit,shep,and lab mix is huge. Her back paws are about 10.5 inches long and her front paws complete fill my palm up. She weighs as much as my 8yr daughter, and is as tall as her when she stands on her back legs. She is slender built.
My Mom has her brother and he is bigger then my female, pinky poo. I would also like to know how big they are going to be when the stop growing.
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Well I have a male pit/shep/ lab mix and he is huge. He is now a year old he is about 100lbs but he is so slender. I think he must get that the pit in him. If he stands on his legs he is about 5'7 so he is really big.

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