My Dog Is Lethargic, Not Really Responsive, Pee's Alot, Drinks Lots Of Water, Drooling Constantly And Seems To Be Disoriented. Went To The Vet, Had Some X-rays To See If There Was A Blockage, There Was None. The Diagnosis Was Acid Reflux. Any Ideas?


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Meta Forrest answered
I'm surprised your vet did not do test for diabetes on your dog. With all these symptoms along with the acid reflux diabetes seems to be the logical diagnosis. I think your dog needs further tests to rule it out.
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Hard to offer anything really constructive without all the details and why the vet came to the conclusion of acid reflux over something else after ruling out a blockage. Did your vet run a CBC or anything or just an x-ray to check for blockage was done? Everything else showed normal and no signs of infection or anything off at all on blood tests and no reason to believe anything has changed?
I would also consider looking into things like diabetes, addisons, a tox screen if nothing like that had been done and other things like that given the situation. If you aren't comfortable with what is going on then speak to them about it and see if they can give you some more insight and some explanations that make sense to you and discuss further testing and options. If you still aren't comfortable after that, you might want to see about a second opinion. I hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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