Persuasive Essay On Why Dogs Make Better Pets Than Cats? 400 Words


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You must be asking for some clarification and ideas since you wouldn’t actually be asking us to write your whole essay for you or anything.
You would need to write something of at least 400 words describing why you think that dogs make better pets than cats and that is geared to persuading people towards that opinion. Try to think a bit like explaining to a cat person why you think dogs are better or someone who has no pets but doesn't know whether they should get a cat or dog and what you would say to them to convince them a dog is better.
I hope they let you choose between dogs and cats at least, lol. I don't particularly think you can make a broad generalization about one being a better pet than the other since it can depend on the people involved.
It really needs to be about why you think so but things you might think of including are loyalty, being able to do things with dogs that you can't with cats like hunting, hiking, playing ball in the park ect. Maybe that dogs were bred for specific reasons to help us like herding, working, hunting, companion, protection ect. If yo have a dog (I hope so) talk about all the things you love and your bond and maybe some things you do with your dog but not your cat if you have one of those. Just write about why you like dogs.
As far as 400 words it’s not that hard. This answer is two hundred and ninety three words and would be more if I changed things like don’t into do not but if I was grading I might take some notice of that, lol. Good Luck!

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