Which is better to have as a pet: a cat or a dog?


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its depends on your taste and preference... I've had some pretty sweet cats growing up but overall- i would rather have a dog. dogs are more of a buddy type of pet to have..

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It depends on the individual. For me it is a dog. I like them because they make great companions that  can go with you many places. Cats...not so much. However if you are a person who can not take the time it needs to care for a dog, a cat would be better. If you are gone more than 8-9 hours a day, a cat would be better. If you cannot spend an hour a day walking or exercising a dog a cat would be better.

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Rooster Cogburn
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But it was always worth it when you came home and the dogs were all over you, whereas most cats could care less.
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You hit the nail on the head. If I even go to my local petrol station & am only gone for 10 minutes when I get back all the dogs act like they haven't seen me for years. Lots of 😘.
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It's a matter of personal choice. I'd rather have a dozen dogs rather than one cat. I just couldn't stand to have a litter box and all of the maintenance involved in it.

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I've only ever had cats. So, I pick cats.

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In the UK there are about 7.5  million cats.

Most of them despoil my garden and kill the local wildlife. Cats ruin everything.

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Ray  Dart
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There was an article in the Readers Digest many years (like 30) ago called "Sorry, I shot your cat".
It tells the story of a cat that had been allowed to roam, as most cats do in Europe. And which had been attacked by some dogs after making a real nuisance of itself in the dog owners garden.
The cat was so badly mauled that the writer had taken a 12-bore to finish the cat off.
He apologized profusely to the cat's owner, even offered some recompense.
The owner of the cat never forgave him for allowing the cat to enter his garden.
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Only had one cat in my whole life and didn't have it long. Dogs are much better companions and much more fun. Always dogs for me.

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It's depending on your  choice, what ever one cat is equals to dozens of dogs .dog we can carry easy but cat it's not an easy little bit tough.

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In battle between  cat lovers and dog lovers, there may be a clear winner.  But there are some unique benefits that come with cats. First, cats are more intelligent than dog. They seem to be smaller than dogs but they're much clever than what it seem to be. Next, cats have smaller carbon footprints than dogs. Cats, being smaller and therefore eating less-still a hefty amount, but much better than an average dog. Third one, cats are less slobbery than dogs. Cats delicately dip their tongues into the water with a force up to twice that of gravity, neatly pulling up a column of liquid to swallow. Apparently, cats are cheaper than dogs. Dogs are bigger than cats, on  average, and are likely to run up higher  food bills as a result.

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I prefer dogs, they are clever and active, especially they have the human sens, my daughter have 2 dogs one is dead, another is still alive who keeps the house for her, and like playing with children as well.

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