Can You Write On Essay On Dogs As Domestic Animals?


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The dog is a pet animal. It is faithful and useful. It has many varieties. The bull terrier is very furious to look at. The most common pet in our homes is ALASTIAN a large wolf-like dog. The faithfulness of the dog is proverbial and there are many stories about it. The dog is a very clever and intelligent animal. This is why he is trained and used by the police and the armed forces for different tasks. He helps the police and served as a night watch-man. He does not spare the thieves and prowlers at night and barks at the strangers and suspects. He is a great friend of farmers, washer men and Gypsies. In the west pet dogs are a common sight.

The lap dogs look like very beautiful and children and ladies are usually very fond of them. The dogs are also trained to rescue drowning men. They are capable of lifting weights from one place to another. The dogs also convey messages. They are fond of company of man and those who keep them as pet treat them like members of the family. The dog is indeed a great faithful friend in this unfaithful world.
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Yes you can. The dog is the most famous domestic animal so lots to write on that. . . . . . . . .

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