does your pet eat better than you do? such as special food ,treats you would go without to make sure your pet has good food?


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Well, I wouldn't say "better" than I do, but they're pretty darn spoiled!  They have top shelf kibble, canned meats and a treat tippy ball they expect to stay full.  Even the feral cats are getting picky!

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Janis Haskell answered

Well, her diet is probably healthier than mine.  Mine is pretty good, but hers is more consistent. :)

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Well, Hunter sure does ! White rice, chicken breast and cottage cheese twice a day. I cook maybe twice a week, if that!

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Ancient Hippy answered

I spend about $60 a month on my dogs food, Blue dry food, canned pumpkin, green beans. She eats good but the variety that I eat is much better than hers.

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Tom Jackson answered

After having our vet recommend a particular brand of food, I decided about a year ago to research what dogs ate before canned and bagged food appeared specifically for them.

Turns out they pretty much have eaten what we eat

Lots of lists on the internet about what is safe or dangerous for dogs.

But to answer the question, they eat as least as well as I do.  When I cook eggs for myself, I cook them for the dogs also after I've eaten.

And they end up with the last of the chicken, prime rib, filet, rib eye--rather than throw it away.

(They seem to really prefer chicken to the prime meat---I find that mildly interesting.) 

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KB Baldwin answered

What I fail to understand is how my cat, who has no problem eating a rodent, fur, tail and even that green wobbly thing, can be so sarn picky aobut her canned food. 

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