What Happens When You Touch A Dog's Nose A Lot?


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Nothing. You might cause it to scab, just like if you touch any part of your body too much, but in essence nothing will happen to the dog's nose besides the dog getting irritated by it.

Unlike other parts of the dog's body, it needs no care of cleaning. It is cool and moist, and a warm and dry nose means trouble if accompanied by other symptoms, but not always. Dogs can get sunburn on their noses, which can lead to skin cancer. If you notice changes on the dogs nose, like discharge (which can mean a nasal or sinus infection), excessive sneezing, or a change in color, you should talk to your local vet.

Don't use a plastic bowl for your dogs food or water, as sometimes these can cause color changes in the nose. It is best to use a stainless steel bowl instead as this will not cause any problems.

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