My Dog Has A Cut On His Nose. What Should I Do?


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FIRST THING: KEEP IT CLEANED! - if you don't it could get infected

Well first of all, don't let your dog dig around because if stuff gets in the cut, it could get infected.
Everyday, get a cloth and wet it with warm water, and just clean it a bit. Make sure your dog doesn't hit it or scratch it or make it worse.

If you do that, it will clear up soon. If it is still there after a while. Go to a vet and ask if they can do anything to help it.

:) Hope it goes.
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Go and see a vet about it, it shouldn't be anything serious but my dog had something like that and we though because it was a reasonably small cut it would heal itself, about a year after that we decided to take him to the vets and he give us an antibacterial cream to wipe on his nose every now and again, now this didn't work for my dog but it might work for yoursWe are still trying to work out what it is to this day but hey lol.Good Luck
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Take him or her to the vets
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Keep it clean. That's about it.
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My German Shepard dog has a cut on his nose and it seems to bleed when he moves around or when he gets excited. It comes out in a straight stream. I'm VERY worried what can I do to help stop or slow down the bleeding? Thanks Rhonda & Rocco
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Thanks for all your answers come to find out we had to take him to the vet and he had cut a artery in his nose.  He is doing well. Thanks
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WHAT?!?! Okay well it depends on how bad it is Normally it will just heal on its own within A week or two.
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Well you can go to any pet shop and find treatments for cuts on pets. Also be very careful. A dogs nose is the most sensitive part of their body. They can even die from a strong enough impact on it so take very good care of him/her.
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Has the bleeding stopped?
If the cut is more of a scratch than a gash, you can clean it off and put some triple antibiotic like newsprint on it.
If the bleeding doesn't stop, it is close to the eyes, or you feel he may have other head trauma, get him to a vet asap. 

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