When Can Puppies Go Outside In Relation To The Shots They Have Had?


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Puppies need three sets of the combination vaccinations (given at 3
week intervals and starting at 7 weeks old), plus a Rabies shot at 12 -
16 weeks of age. Although he can usually go outside and in public
without too much of a risk before he's had his Rabies shot, it's not
safe to take him out to public places until he's had all three sets of
puppy vaccinations.
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Ask any vet - if you're getting your vaccinations on time the puppy should be fine - particularly as most people also routinely vaccinate their pets.This is a critial time for socialization for dogs & for potty training. Puppy classes start at 10 wks for example.Keeping them inside with little/no exposure to the outside world does not benefit the dog or the owner. I can't claim to be an expert but I did a lot of research & asked several vets about this when I got my pup. Just my 2 cents.
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What jmeike1 stated is true. You can not take your dogs to most classes without being fully vaccinated. You can take them out in public after the first shots but limit there time around other dogs until all 3 vaccinations are given. My brother is a vet and this it what he recommends.
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I have just got a puppy at 8 weeks! He has his 1st shot tomorrow but theres no way I can take him unless its in a carrier or by myself hand carrying! I will be a lot easier for myself if I carry him in my arms wrapped in a blanket but am I ok to do this?? Becky

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