My 4 Month Old Puppy Can't Walk, Can You Help?


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I had a similiar problem with my 3 month old puppy. His front paws would constantly hurt, then one day he couldn't stand at all on his hind legs. I took him to the vet, he said it is a sickness, I forgot the name...but it has to do with his joints, they are a little bigger than they are supposed to be, he gave him 4 shots, which included antibiotics, vitamins and pain he prescribed vitamin D and calcium gluconate for a month, a day or two later after the shots my puppy was running and walking normal, we are continuing his vitamins, he said it should fix his problem. But this needs to be done before they turn 6 months old.
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I am a chiropractor and have a successful case of adjustments helping a puppy regain use of it's back legs after it was stepped on. (the vet had said there was nothing they could do).The main area of misalignment was the atlas vertebrae. (the first neck vertebrae). See if you can find a vet or chiropractor that can adjust your pup. Hope this helps!
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Bring it to the vet, trust me.
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Read up on HOD-Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy, it sounds like what is happening to my Dane!
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I live in France I have the same problem since 5 days he cannot walk anymore, did you find out what happened? Is you dog fine now? I need help, please
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Did you find out what was wrong with him? I have the SAME problem!! My puppy had a fever and trouble walking. I've taken him to THREE different vets- from the regular medicine to Chinese Herbs and a Chiropractor. His back legs just don't want to hold him. I've fed him Puppy Baneful since we got him. He's part boxer, part Great Dane. We live in VA Beach, VA. We just can't figure out what is going on. Please share any helpful info you've gotten! Thanks!
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My four month old 4 pound Chihuahua got her first round of shots on the 20th of may.  Last night she started vomiting, shacking & two hours last her back legs stopped working.  This morning I took her into the vet only to be be told that they can't find anything wrong with her.  They did blood work, started her an IV and did ex-rays!!!!  I was not warned or told by anyone that this could happen to my puppy.
If anyone has any info please share before it to late.

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