Male Dog With One Swollen Nipple, Can You Help?


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Quite naturally some male dogs will get an enlarged nipple. This can be in the form of a swelling, which will see it grow wide as well as long, or it can just elongate and become quite dangly. If the dog has no change in mood and it isn't sensitive then the nipple should be okay. Monitor it for a discharge or bleeding or if the dog lies differently due to any discomfort. If any of these occur then see your vet. In fact, if you're at all worried then see your vet.

  • Why does it happen?

There are a variety of reasons. Naturally it can occur due to an allergy (causing a rash/inflammation) or infection, or with things like the elongation it can just be a sign of aging. There are other purported answers, such as Mammary Cancer, but only a veterinary inspection will be able to diagnose the problem.

  • How will I know if he needs the vet?

As discussed before, there will be a sign with regards to the nipple. It could start to bleed of its own accord, or it could start to discharge puss or continue to swell. If it does continue to swell beyond the limits of "swollen" and has become "a definite problem" then of course, see your vet.

You'll notice a change in your dog's behavior. He may become lethargic, or lose appetite, or stop drinking water or behave erratically. Any of these, or things such as abnormal bowel movements or even attempts to scratch/attack the nipple should suggest a visit to the vets as soon as possible.

  • I read online it could be a tumor?
Some sites, and some owners, suggest it could be breast - or mammary - cancer. This is a possibility but it's for a veterinarian to deduce this. A vet is a professional so their advice is infinitely more valuable and reputable than speculation online.
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I brought my male dog to the vet today because he's had one swollen nipple for about a month.  The vet put him on antibiotics and benedryl and gave me a spray to numb the area so that he will stop scratching it.  She is going to test him for mast cell tumor if it doesn't heal soon.  You can read more about it on Wikipedia:
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Have your dog examined by a veterinarian.  This could be an infection, mastitis, a cyst, or a mass.  Your veterinarian will start by doing a fine needle aspirate to determine why the nipple is swollen.  Once a diagnosis is made it can be treated appropriately.
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Purple is never a good color for skin whether it is human or animal! Swelling is not good either. Get your dog to the veterinarian today! Sounds like infection that needs antibiotics.
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Nipple enlargement can be sign of early pregnancy in dogs. If your dog was not near any male dog then this nipple swelling can be sign of false pregnancy if she was recently in heat (6-12 weeks before). Other possibility is infection in the breast area. So, ideally, take your dog to vet for diagnosis and treatment.
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If she has pups let it go down by its self or take it to the vets

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