Is There Anything I Can Spray On My House Plants To Keep My Cat Away, Without Hurting My Cat Or The Plants?


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Cats rather enjoy digging around and even eating the soil in house plants, and are quite partial to snacking on them too. This is because if they are indoor cats they need to eat grass or some kind of green, to assist them to bring up the hairball they need to regularly vomit up, caused by all that factious licking and grooming they do with the roughest of tongues.

You can discourage them from munching on, or using your house plants as a toilet, by making them smell strongly, citronella spray can keep them away. Spray it liberally all over the leaves and soil they dislike its strong smell.You can buy the oily spray from supermarkets and hardware shops as it keeps insects at bay, candles can also be used.

The other solution, is to plant a pot of two of catnip, which they adore and go crazy for. That should attract them away from the other plants. Plant the catnip in low planters of a sufficient width to allow them to roll around in it as they like to do.
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Citronella is something I have never tried, but if you're looking for a cheaper solution, you can try a few moth balls on top of the soil. They don't like the smell, it's harmless to both the plant and the cat.

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