What Is The Absolute Best Cat Food? What Is The Best Affordable Cat Food?


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Tanya Khan answered
If you look at what experts believe should be in cat food, science diet doesn't seem to meet the standards. It had a lot of carbohydrate fillers that cat don't easily digest. I'm just conflicted because Science Diet is the first choice for most vets and shelters but when you look at the ingredients and what most articles tell you to look for in cat food ingredients it just doesn't match up. Does anyone know ab NAtural Balance?
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Pamela Southam answered
We use the Hills science plan diets. They make a different one for different age cats. It is a dried food, easy to keep, does not go off and for the amount you have to give them is relatively cheap as well. It is the one I would recommend, and my 4 year old cat and 4 month old kitten, thrive on it.
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My mother is a vet technician. At their office, they highly suggest science diet. Even on our houses low budget we were able to get science diet for our cat. One of the big bags lasts us quite a while. We give our cat about a cup a day. He gets fat if we feed him whenever the bowl is empty.

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