How Can I Get Rid Of Cat Urine In Soil Under A Mobile-home?


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Cat urine is an organic acidic compound, and can be neutralized by anything that is a ph balancer. Example: Small box of baking soda, per 10 lbs. Of dirt, it also works in litter boxes 1/2 cup to 2lb. Bag litter.
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Help my movil home is starting to smell bad with car urine what can I do is even coming in from the vents?
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There is nothing that works to neutralize odors better than activated charcoal. Buy charcoal and mix it with a gardening mixture after you talk to your gardening expert to make sure that this is not creating a different undesirable effect. If it is not, spread the mixture of the new soil mixture and the charcoal onto the old areas and combine them with a rake or a hoe as possible. The smell issue should dissipate. If this is not an option but you get the go-ahead for using activated charcoal, combine activated charcoal with a mixture of water and apply it from a hose-connected applicator to the area in question.

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