What Would Be A Good Name For A Mischievous Grey And White Kitten?


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Name her whatever comes to your mind first.  I have a cat that looks like this and we named her Peaches.  That was the first name that popped into my mind.  It is easy for my kids to say too.  Each cat or kitten has its own spirit, so its hard for some one to name her for you.  My aunt named her cat Trouble.  I have heard the name socks for cats that look like this too.  Good luck, and have fun with your mischievous kitten.
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but sometimes you can just tell by the look of cats what its name is but I see your point(:
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When my boys were young and got a kitten I told them not to be hasty but observe her nature and she would eventually name herself.  My 8 yr. Old had her name in a week or so...Benevolent Vex, or 'good natured mischief'.  Benny for short, of course.
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I called my little mischevious kitten Skitz  because he always acts like a little crazy he is a lovely kitten he is now 15 weeks old and if I had a girl miscvevious kitten I would call her skitzabell I think its cute and mischevious name for a cat... My other cat his mum is called Mother as she was a stray and didn't know her name so we all coall her mother and she answers to it
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How about whist, like a whist of smoke. But seriously, what is the personality like. The name is better fit for personality not looks due to looks change as older.
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Well you can name him inmate because of the grey and white. Kind of like prison colors. :) just a opinion
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All kittens are mischievious to begin with. But here are some any way.
Impy, as in an imp, who is mischievious
Thunder, for the gray patches that look like thunderheads.

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