Can You Use Vinegar To Keep Cats From Pooping In Your Garden?


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I was told by the nursery, to place Moth Balls around my flower beds to repel cats and other critters... Seems to work great I haven't noticed the smell lately... My step mother however uses bounce dryer sheets, the cats hate it.  she places them around on the ground and even on her furniture to keep the cats off.
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There is someone that I work with that puts her used coffee and filters in her garden.
She said that it has worked well.
I had a neighbor that used moth balls, and I could not stand the smell.
It does stop the cats from going in there though!!
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thanks dizzy
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I don't like moth balls myself, but I have not smelled them around my house. and it does seem to work!
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Cats don't like citrus fruit so you can leave lemon or orange peel among the plants.  But the best thing to do is to plant lots of "ground cover" plants like Ajuga reptans (very pretty) to cover up the bare soil, then the cats will go somewhere else to do their business.
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If you cut a piece of hosepipe then cats won't even come in your garden as they'll think there is a snake
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Well no don't put vinegar that would kill the plants you should go to the nearest petsmart and ask them for some help I'm sure there will be happy to help..!
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You could use chicken wire to keep the cats out, they usually scratch at the ground and they wont like it when their claws get caught.
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I'm not sure or had heard anything along the lines of that being a fact but you can buy cat repellents at a pet store.

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