Do birds look from the front or the side? Like my bird sometimes looks like he is looking at us from the side but in other cases he looks like he is look at us from the front. So which is it?


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Wel i think there eye is the same as ourz!!! Actually i know about rabitz they can se in all directionz, same thinking about the birds too.when they fly, i dont think itz easy for them if they could see only straight so i think they can look in all the directionz ...Well that was my opinion... Hope it Helpd
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Depends upon the bird - Owls have to look forward only - their eyes are so big they cannot swivel, they turn their head instead. Birds like the European woodcock have (almost) 360 degree vision, with eyes on the side of their heads. Where you see a European blackbird (Turdus Merula) apparently turning its head to one side to "listen" to the ground, it is actually turning to get the sharpest part of its vision pointed at something is it contemplating eating.
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180 from the left eye, 180 from the right - all outside the head.
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But 360 meanz Whole around, iznt that jst imposibl?
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Not if you are a woodcock
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It depends on the breed of bird as some can have 20/20 vision like a canary or a parrot.While birds of prey such as hawks, eagles and falcons have peripheral vision which means they have an almost panoramic view of what's around them, which helps them with hunting.

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