How Do I Get My Puppy To Stop From Chewing On Things?


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Get a dog trainer
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A puppy chewing on things is an extremely natural phenomenon as all puppies below five months during the teething phase have to chew on something. Generally this habit disappears in a short period of time when the puppy grows up (about 6 months old) so there is nothing to worry about. The thing that one can do to save your sofa, slippers and other stuff would be to buy the puppy chewing toys which should preferably be of his jaw size as otherwise he may choke on it. Also do not keep anything else lying around so that the puppy has no choice. If he continues to chew on your sofa or anything likewise you could get a chew deterrent spray to be used on his favorite chewing items.

Another thing that you can do would be not letting him alone for a long period of time in the home but letting him run around in the park and taking him for long walks so that he can burn off any excess energy. A reaction that you disapprove of his chewing habit now and then would also keep him within limits especially if he takes to chewing on your or anyone else's leg. Also it would be a good idea to go for pet insurance as it covers all expenses that one may accrue in case of any problem.
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Mahendra is right, but may I also add that you can fill his teething needs by buying some rawhides. Pigs ear, rawhide sticks, cows rawhide, ect. At your local pet store. I do it with all of my puppies when I get them and I have nat had a thing in my house chewed up. It may take a few days for the pup to start to chew on it, but you can put the puppy in a crate or cage and offer the raw hide type chew as the only thing that he/she can chew on and then it will catch on after about a few days so you will be able to give it to the puppy with out it having to be confined with it. They help tremendously. Try it and then you will see what I am talking about. Best of luck and congratulations on your new puppy.
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Hmmm it depends if you yell at a dog for doing things then its just going to it even more but you want to still enforce rules with the dog just say in a nice calm voice no pup. And if he/she stops reward the dog with like a training treat.
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Just shake him or her till he stops then he sleeps for a few hours porblem solved

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