How To Stop A 10 Week Old Pitbull Puppy To Stop Biting?


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Ah!! Nipping & Mouthing: The two most Annoyinng things Pit Bulls do with their mouths. How do you stop this ridiculous behavior you ask?? The Key is to redirect their attention to something else and away from painful items like your fingers. Find a toy, I use a tennis ball and a tug rope for my dog and every time your dog goes to bit you, you offer it to them. They take it, say good dog! Pit bulls like please their owners so by saying good boy they will learn this is what you want them to bite.  Another method I read about and use is just to ignore them when they start biting you again pit bulls like attention and like to please their owners so if they start trying to bite you ignore them by saying NO! To the biting and then turning your back to them and eventually they will understand that biting you is bad.  Hope this Helps!!!!

P.S. Must give credit where credit is due!!! Not my ideas I learned them all from Jason Mann. He also has a great website you should visit.
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At this point they are still teething. You need to give them something to chew on. If they keep doing it or biting you , you tell them no with a firm voice. They do catch on pretty quick. Get them to understand your rules now. If not they will chew there way through your house.
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Agree! There is no "stopping" this! At that age look at it like a baby teething! You can't stop it so to say but you give the child a teething toy/ cookie right?! Well same go's here....yes redirect the pup to something more appropriate then moving body parts and maybe moving toys or tasty toys! Do correct them when they have bitten something they should have not but do give them something else right away! And tell them good job when you see them using the toy! Jerky strips, bones, ect are best! Watch out for rubber that they can bite into tiny Pisces and choke on! Like a child do look carefully at what you present and if there might be any hazards to the toy/treat!
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You say "No" with a ha-rse voice and then if still continues pop the puppy on the noise and say "No" again.
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Popping them on the nose does nothing. Well, it teaches them to be hand shy. You should never hit your puppy, period.

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