How Can I Stop My Dog From Chewing My Couch?


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I bet you didn't think he was still a puppy. Have you ever heard of the rawhide chews that they make for them.

It's a hard piece of rawhide, tied in a knot on both ends and hardened. This is great for their teeth, as they have a need to chew, it helps promote healthy teeth, and keeps them busy for quite a while.

They are sold in the cat/dog isles in the stores. There's also pig ears but they aren't as hard as the rawhide, so, I would stick with them for a while. Hope this helps, please don't spank him for his nature. Good luck.
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BENGAY!!! Nothing works better. Our puppy takes one lick and doesn't touch it again!
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You can buy your dog a bully stick. I purchase mine from eBay but you can buy them at Petco or Petsmart. It sounds crazy but it is actually a bull penis. The dogs go crazy over them. My dog is a 9 pound Pomeranian and he can chew for hours and hours. If you have these around, he will be totally deterred from chewing anything else that he / she should not be chewing.

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