I Went Running With My Dog And Now He Is Constantly Licking His Paw, And Won't Let Me Touch It, But I Don't See Any Blood. What Should I Do?


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Kayla answered
Try to have a good look. Their could be something in between the pads of his feet like a grass seed or a prickle or something like that. If he wont let you look it would be best to take him to the vet because sometimes grass seeds can become embedded in the dogs tissue and become infected. All the best
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Jamie Huggins answered
Most likely your dog has gotten something in his paw, it can be almost anything like a rock, splinter or glass you don't see blood cause the pads are very dark and hard to begin with, what I do is lay down with them and slowly make your way down to there paw, once they realize you r helping and not hurting they usally settle down. A good way to find what is in there is with peroxide it does NOT hurt only bubbles were there is any dirt or blood anything not supposed to be there. It is also good to heat up the pad first so it gets softer and easier to see what can be in it.
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Sounds like he has something in it, but it may just be an abrasion. Either way, you need to get a look at it so you can determine if it needs attention.

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