My Dog Is Shaking And Can't Move Her 2 Back Legs What's Wrong Wit Her?


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There are a few things that could be wrong with your dog. She could have suffered a stroke, injured her spine, or pinched a spinal nerve. It's also possible that she has developed a tumour somewhere along her back that's begun to press into her spine, causing temporary paralysis. Regardless of the cause your dog's condition is serious, and she should be taken to see a veterinary surgeon as soon as possible.

Given that it doesn't seem like you're aware of any injury to your dog, she's most likely to be suffering from a pinched or pressured nerve. When a canine spinal nerve is compromised in such a manner, it not only limits your dog's ability to move, it causes gradual damage to the compromised nerve. A completely damaged nerve could permanently paralyse your dog. One way to tell if the nerve has reached that stage is to lightly test your dog's pain tolerance by applying pressure to her infirm feet. Her reaction will be a sure sign that the nerve still retains some function.

Don't take that as a good sign though; it means that your veterinary surgeon will have a greater possibility of repairing the issue, yes, but only if they're able to see your dog soon. Even the most gifted vet might not be able to salvage a nerve that's reached its damage threshold.

If your dog is exhibiting behavioural changes or showing signs of confusion or depression, is lethargic, and/or is exhibiting a head tilt, then it's possible that she's suffered a recent stroke. If so, a vet should be able to diagnose the cause of your dog's stroke and assist you in developing a therapy plan. It can take weeks for a dog to recover from a stroke.

Finally, your dog could have suffered a spinal injury while you weren't paying attention. Check for any external signs of injury and survey the area in which you found her. Dogs can recover from such injuries, but it will require time, patience and surgery.
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What is age of your dog? If he is aged then he can have week hind legs. At old age,  dogs can lose control over limbs, muscles become weak, and joints become less flexible.  Arthritis is another possibility of shaking because dogs shake due to pain. This condition can cause stiffness of muscles and inflammation of joints/bones which is painful. You should take your dog to vet who may order of X-rays and few blood tests to confirm diagnosis.
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You really need to get him to the vet, he could have a broken leg. They can't tell you when they are hurting, and shaking is a physical sign of pain in animals. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the pup.
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Complete physical examination  and medical history along with some radiological investigations are needed to diagnose exact cause of leg shaking in your dog that can be done by your local vet only. Leg shaking in dogs can be due to
  1. Low blood sugar levels
  2. Weakness
  3. Fatigue
  4. Trauma
  5. Vestibular disease
  6. Spinal problems
  7. Neuromuscular problems
  8. Cerebral problems
  9. Encephalitis
Treatment depends upon cause of leg shaking, So, take your dog to vet.
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Violent shaking is usually a sign of poisoning and happens when the poison attacks the dogs internal systems, I know this as I was told this fact after our dog died after a neighbour poisoned my 18 month old Westie pup, he died as his blood became to thin and would not congeal, he basically bled to death drowning on his own blood. What a vet would do is sedate the dog till it had gotten through the shaking then done a blood transfusion, which in dogs only take 2 minuet's. So if your dog starts violently shaking, get it to the Vets A.S.A.P.
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I have a little chihuahua and he went to sleep and in the morning he couldnt move he back legs
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Sounds like you need to put your pup in their kennel and call your vet. Since shaking can be a sign of pain (and they have a higher pain tolerance than we do) and your pup appears obviously hurt they most likely are and should see their doctor asap. It could also be something like the stomach or back that hurts or something. Restrict movement and have your pup stay in the kennel until your appointment if you have to wait at all after speaking to them and don't decide to something silly and give them anything.
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My dog is 4 years old. She all of a sudden can't move her legs at all so we have to put her in her bed. She also has had e seger.
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Hello there. I am concerned with the conditions your pup is experiencing. I am curious as to how old your baby is? The things that come to mind given the symptoms you are describing are Seizures and Canine Vestibular Disease. I answered a question the 2 days ago where a dog was experiencing acute Canine Vestibular Disease. I know that if I repeat what I said, Blurtit will disapprove my answer and you wont get to see it. If you click on my name and look at my answers, I am sure you will see it there. Just look for CVD. I really hope that your Girl is ok and that I have helped you!! Please let me know how things work out!! Have a Happy, Healthy, and Blessed 2009!!
Jennifer - Veterinary Technician, Certified ACO
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Maybe because his back legs hurt, you should have a careful examination on his body.
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Dogs shake because they are in pain. Leg injury usually means vet visit, because not many muscles in dogs legs - mostly bone right under the skin. Take the dog to a vet asap.
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My eighteen month old Labradoodle Schatze has trouble walking and she is shaking violently what is wrong? Please help me. I just got home from school and its another 45 minutes before we can see the vet.

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