My Dog Is Limping. There's Nothing Wrong With Her Pads Or Anything Around Her Paw. Can You Help?


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Maybe just a twisted joint or pulled muscle
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Limping is not always caused by problems with the paw.  Limping can be due to trauma, sprains, strains, fractures, ligament injury, arthritis, and developmental diseases pending age of the dog.  Have your dog examined by a veterinarian.  Pending examination x-rays may need to be taken and pain medication can be prescribed to make your dog feel better.  Treatment is also going to include strict rest for at least 1 week.
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Hello, if your dog is limping after running it is possible he twisted a muscle, try putting a heating pad on his leg wrapped in a blanket for 15 minutes and don't let him walk on it for a while, 15 minutes on 15 minutes off, watch how he doe's and bring him to a vet for treatment if he still is hurting. Hug your dog for me, I love animals, keep him comfortable. Susan lyons
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Just take her to the vet then they will take good care of it:)
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You should look at the paw and see if there is any visible sign of damage, or if the dog whimpers when you touch it. If you can't see anything, it may be broken and you need to take the dog to the vet. Also, some dogs just have a quirk that way. Our chihuahua used to run with three legs when his paws were cold. It looked really funny, but hey, I guess it worked. I still think you should take the dog to the vet though.
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There can be a number of reasons behind this problem. First of all you should get its X-rays to make sure that there is no fracture over there. If you are sure that there is nothing like that then examine its paw carefully because a thorn or sticker can also cause limping. Paw Laceration can also be there but it can heel quickly. Too short or too over grown toe nails can cause this problem as well that can create an infection. If examining all these things cannot help you out in anyway then ask a vet to examine your pet thoroughly.
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Just like humans dogs can pull and strain muscles. But unlike humans they don't know that they should not run until its healed. Thats where you come in make sure he/she takes it easy and if he/she is in pain you can give them baby aspirin or regular aspirin, it depends on how much your dog weighs.
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Make sure the vet does a blood test. This can be a sign of various tick diseases such as Lyme. If so, they need to get on antibiotics immediately to stop any further damage.
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Sweetheart, if your Chihuahua landed wrong jumping of a bed and is not putting any weight on the leg or limping, it's probably broken. If it is, your Chi is in tremendous pain, although he or she may not be acting like it. Dogs are great at hiding pain. Chihuahuas bones are very fragile and it does not take much pressure at all, for them to break a bone. That's why they should not be allowed to jump on and off high objects. Please take your Chi to the vet and have it's leg x-rayed. If you don't, not only will your Chihuahua be in a great amount of unnecessary pain, but the bone will heal wrong and they will have to re-break and possibly do some surgery on your Chi's leg to fix it. The recovery from that, will be very hard and painful on your Chihuahua!That doesn't have to happen! Take him or her NOW! Please don't wait and put your Chi through pain, that can easily be controlled.
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Something similar has gone on with my dog. A bone might be dislocated or a small fracture might have happened while at play. If he runs around gone and plays rough,he might have fallen or slipped. Sometimes if a dog runs around very fast and doesn't do it often,he might've pulled something. The best thing to do,is go to a vet and see for sure what is wrong. That way,if it's serious,you can catch the problem before it gets any worse.
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You should call the vet as there is a clear indication your pup may be injured. If after restricted activity and kennel rest for a little while (no more than a day) your pup is still limping or your pup won't put the leg down or there is swelling or anything you need to go in. Hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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