Is It Bad For A Dog To Ingest Lip Balm?


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Lip balm can cause gastrointestinal upset--mild diarrhea.  If you have a small dog who ate the chapstick whole then there is a concern that it will become lodged in the small intestine--this is called a foreign body obstruction.  Foreign body obstructions are an emergency.  If you dogs starts vomiting repeatedly, becomes lethargic, and stops eating have the dog examined by a veterinarian.
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Honey, it's going to be like a laxitive!!! He is going to have to go to the bathroom, a lot, so be patient with him, and take him out often for the next day or two. Hope this helps.
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Funny story.... I had a friend who had two pit bulls. One of them was a very rambunctious puppy who loved to dig in purses and eat chap stick, which I always have. Well, I had some medicated this one time, and it was the only time it ever made him sick. He puked a little but still got in my purse many times after that for the chap stick. Just another reason I think there is something addictive in that stuff. The more you use it the more you need it. Ever notice that??? Don't know if this answers it but I think its a cute story!
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I'm the third one answering, what you already know, chapstick won't hurt the dog.  If she/he ate it with the cover on, it may come out whole, and you'll avoid the problem Tiggersmom mentioned!

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