My 5 Year Old German Shepherd Has Blood In Her Urine. She Seems To Be Urinating Less But More Frequently. Can You Help?


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Sarah Klimko Profile
Sarah Klimko answered
Could be a uti (urinary tract infection) that needs antibiotics, or something else entirely. Either way she should see a veterinarian. It helps if you take in a fresh urine sample. Good luck!
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Anytime you see blood from a human or an animal it isn't normal, and measures should be taken to find out why. In this case, I think it might be a urinary tract infection, but there could be other things that it is too. Did the pup get injured somehow, or hit by a car. Did she eat something that is causing this, or is there a larger illness going on. Please take the pup to the vet, and if money is an issue, please talk with them about making payments. Hope this helps, good luck.
Geoff Pursel Profile
Geoff Pursel answered
I agree with Sarah. Take the poor little baby to a Vet. I don't see why people think we all are doctors...
mikayla davis Profile
mikayla davis answered
Well it might be that she has her period, if she isn't fixed because dogs get those if they aren't fixed but normally it just like a humans. But you should take her to the vet!!

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