My 3 year old pitbull/boxer mix is pacing back and forth in the middle of the night. She also seems to be going in circles and looking at her butt. She keeps staring at me. She has ear mites so bad that no medication is working. What can I do?


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Sara Lewis answered

It sounds as though your pitbull/boxer cross might be pacing and walking in circles because she is distressed- probably by the ear mites. 

When you say that no medication is working, do you mean over the counter meds? If so, I would highly recommend that you take her to the vet as the mites sound serious, but also her reaction to them.

If she is distressed, along with being unhappy, she may start to exhibit other symptoms, so keep a close eye on if she is eating etc.

Over the counter meds are often less effective than that which your vet can prescribe, which can sometimes work in a single application, so it really does sound as though she may need to go straight to the vets to get it sorted.

Although ear mites are usually relatively harmless, they be stubborn and stick around for a while, causing the dog a lot of irritation, so the sooner they are sorted the sooner she should be back to her old self again.

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