My Dog Is Leaking Blood From His Penis, What Is Causing This?


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Either this is an injury to the penis, or there is a problem with another part of the urinary tract. Second possibility is that there is a bleeding disorder in the body that is only just starting to show.

You must also know that small amounts of blood coming out from the penis are normal from dogs that have not been neutered, but not if this is a regular occurrence. This happens if there are females in heat around them and they are not able to mate with them, and usually this is no more than a few drops.

The most common disease that caused bleeding in un-neutered males is prostrate disease. In this case antibiotics are usually administered. You can also look for signs of an injury to the penis to see if this is the cause.
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Your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  Bloody discharge from the penis can be from a urinary tract infection, bladder stones, kidney disease/infection, trauma to the prepuce, or infection of the prepuce.  Your veterinarian will examine the prepuce, take a urine sample for urinalysis, and blood work to determine kidney function.  Once the diagnosis is made proper treatment can begin.
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The bleeding from penis in dogs can be due to injury on penis, infection in urinary tract, infection in prostate and stones in the bladder. If the bleeding is mild and occasional especially when he see female and can not have sex, is normal. But bleeding other than this condition needs to be investigated by Vit.
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It can be because of a bladder or prostate infection. It can be because of bladder stones & X-ray should be able to show that. If bleeding isn't stopping then kidney or liver function checkup along with platelets & blood cells counts is needed. Bladder or prostate cancer can also be the reason, If there is too much non-stop bleeding.
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Probably a urinary or track OR Bladder Infection, needs water and Apple Cider Vinegar.  Start with a few drops on his food, increase each day until you reach the following.. (which ever applies to his weight) Up to 14 pounds 1 tsp - Medium dogs 15 - 34 pounds 2 tsp - Large dogs 35 - 84 pounds 1 tablespoon.  The body requires an even balance of good and bad bacteria and PH balance.  Remember lots of water... If blood stops & he is urinating "less frequently" keep up with the ACV, Water and Food.  If the symptoms continue, see the vet for care. You can learn a lot more about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar at "You'll be amazed!  Good Luck!
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Bleeding from the penis is never normal.  It can be related to a urinary tract infection, prostate infection (much more common in intact males), kidney infection, bladder stones, kidney stones, tumors (intact dogs can get transmissible venereal tumors), trauma, or from spontaneous bleeding often from a toxin exposure like certain types of rodenticides.
Have your dog examined by a veterinarian.  Tests may include urinalysis, radiographs, and/or ultrasound.
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If a intact male even smells a bitch in heat his can happen. Possibly a neutered male too but I ma not sure.  He doesn't have to get it on for it to happen. Happens to my male everytime. But if he is peeing blood thats more likely a uti
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What is age of your dog? If he is old then he can have many problems that can cause penile bleeding in dogs. Generally penile bleeding in dogs are due to

1. Clotting disorders
2. Trauma
3. Urinary tract infection
4. Kidney or bladder stones
5. Cancer of urinary and genital tract
6. Infection and inflammation of prostate gland
7. Enlargement of prostate gland
8. Tumors in prostate glands

So, take your dog to vet or proper diagnosis and treatment.
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This same thing is happening to my dog. It's like he sheds drops of bright red blood right before he pees, or after. He's been tested for urinary track infection, std, kidney stones, and they're all clear. All his blood tests and xrays are also clear. What can this be? The vets cannot explain this.
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What is age of your dog? In older dogs, bleeding from the penis is usually due to problems with prostate gland like infection, inflammation, tumors and enlargement. Following are general causes of penile bleeding in dogs.
  1. Stones in kidney/bladder
  2. Trauma
  3. Urinary tract infection
  4. Urogenital cancer
  5. Clotting disorder
So, get help from vet by visiting him.
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A urinary tract infection, bladder stones, kidney stones, and kidney infection are common causes of blood in the urine or from the penis. There could be a injury or infection of the prepuce as well.  Clotting disorders can cause spontaneous bleeding but are not very common.
Have your dog examined by a veterinarian.  The first step would be to have a urinalysis run to rule out infection.  Pending this test bloodwork to assess kidney function, x-rays or ultrasound may be needed to look for stones.
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Could be a number of things but a visit to your vet is advisable.  Could be an enlarged prostrate but not necessarily cancerous.  Could just be a bladder infection or a kidney stone.
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I hope she is drinking water okay. Could be a kidney, bladder infection. Try to put a old pan under her when she is peeing so you can take in a urine sample. Be on the safe side please.
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If he has just had sex this is not unusual actually and it will stop.
If that is not the case, then he could have a bladder infection or a bladder stone, either of which need a trip to the vet.
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Passing blood in urine is not a good sign for animals OR humans, and could be an indication that your dog has a condition that could become life-threatening. A trip to the vet is strongly advised. It might be helpful to have a urine sample with you when you arrive at the vet's office. Good luck.

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