My dog has a spot on her ear that now looks like a hot spot. We keep it clean and have started to put A &D ointment on it and its starting to look bettet but now she has a spot under the same ear i was wondering if i should give her a penicillin shot?


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Hot spots are often started by an allergic reaction, in which case penicillin will do nothing. I suggest you see your vet and find out what is really going on and get the proper treatment.

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My Hound gets hot spots and you do need to see your Vet for meds. They make a Hot Spot spray but my dog runs from it. Last time I took him, they gave us a big bottle of Omega-3 vitamins and a script of Apoquel and within two days? No hot spots or scratching. They only give antibiotics if they are close to being infected and it isn't penicillin.

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Are you a vet? If not, I'm unclear why you would treat an animal and you don't know what's wrong with them. Call your own vet and ask about this before trying to medicate on your own. You don't want to cause more harm.

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Thanks for all the answers. Now i know it was a reaction to her fly spray. Baby shanpoo and thats it.

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