What Could Dark Black Scaly, Itchy, Flaky Spots On A Dogs Skin Be Caused From?


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It could be one of the several things - insect allergy, parasites, fungal infection - but only an examination by a vet will give you a proper explanation.

Vets bills are expensive but it is really important you get your pet the treatment that it needs. Leaving patches like this untreated can lead to hair loss but more distressingly, infection.

This will first make the dog's life unpleasant because it will cause constant discomfort leading to loss of sleep. The dog will scratch and bite at the wounds and make the situation worse. Eventually the only solution will be surgery to remove the damaged tissue. This will be much more expensive than an early consultation and course of treatment so see the vet as soon as possible.

Parasites are among the most common cause for dry, itchy, flaky skin in dogs. Fleas are the most common. They live deep in the fur and are virtually invisible. A quick and inexpensive skin scraping procedure by the vet will find them though. A course of medication will remove the problem.

Allergies are also common in dogs. Contact dermatitis is skin irritation that can occur if a pet comes in to contact with household chemicals and cleaners or event laundry detergent, shampoo or perfume. Food allergies are among the most difficult conditions to diagnose but skin irritation can occur as part of a range of symptoms associated with the intolerance of a food item.

Fungal infections are another cause for dry, itchy, scaly skin in dogs. Ringworm is another example of a fungal infection that can affect the skin. This is something that needs treatment fast because not only can it spread to other pets, it can pass to humans too.
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You give a pretty good description of the dogs skin condition, but to know what is going on, he really should be brought to a veterinarian. This way they can give a proper diagnosis as well as the proper medicine to give so he can get better. Take your dog to his veterinarian.
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My dog keeps coming out in sore patches at the top of her legs near her belly the pigment of her skin is going black in them areas and is hot also her ear and round her mouth is red her breath smells fishy all the time shes 4 years old and as good teeth also her anal glad keeps letting off

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